Saturday, October 17

Baby, it's cold outside!

I'm now 34 weeks. And boy oh boy, am I feeling every week of it. :) Monday of this week added a whole new aspect to this pregnancy; being sick. I feel bad for whining before - now I really have something to whine about! No one likes a cold - the sore throat, itchy eyes, sneezes that promise you sweet relief and then DON'T COME!, chest congestion, the works. But on top of that, I can't cough hard enough to get any of this mess out of my chest, and I can't take the normal medicines. I get to experience this beast in all of it's natural fury, lucky me. :)
Aside from that though, things are still going really well. Turns out that Miles is and has been sideways for some time now, so yesterday I went to Dr. Don's for a little back adjustment (which has all but eliminated my pelvic pain!) in hopes that Miles will turn. We're giving it till Monday to declare it a success of failure. I really hope it works, since my only other option if he doesn't turn is to have a cesarian. Bleh. I mean, BLEH. That totally freaks me out - being awake whilst being cut open... oh my gosh. I could just see myself throwing up all over the place. People keep telling me not to worry too much, that women do it every day but all I can manage to think in my head is, "So?? I haven't done this before! I've never even had a sprained ankle!" I suppose if it happens that way, it happens that way. I just hope it doesn't. :)
But really, it's hard to complain about much of anything knowing that my precious baby is just weeks away from being warm in my arms. Victor and I are getting more and more excited as the days go on - we find ourselves talking about him at almost every free moment. I don't even really know what we talk about, but we manage to kill a lot of time doing it.
Everything is set up in his room. All that's left is to get my last order in from Target (it has the changing pad cover in it) and finish the last few rows of his blanket. Katie is coming up Tuesday to get everything in it's place, and then we're all ready! Victor ordered tags for the Honda yesterday (in Clarksville, you can just order them and have them mailed to your house rather than having to go to the DMV each year, nice!) We decided that we'll put Miles' car seat base in when the tags get here, which should be sometime this week. I am so ready for him to be here. I'm ready to have my balance back, my coordination, my OTC drugs, my favorite sleeping positions (belly all the way!). But I'm also ready to be a mother, I think. No, I am. I really am. I'm ready to make the hard choices, to fight for my sons purity, to train him up in the way he should go. But I'm also ready to have fun. I'm ready to laugh with Victor and Miles over the memories we've made, I'm ready to snuggle Miles after a bath, and I am SO ready to breast feed him, which is such a weird longing to have, but I can't wait. I can't WAIT! I can't wait for all these precious moments that God has in store for us.
Oh, and I am SO ready for these dag-blangin' stretch marks to STTTTTOOOOPPPPP! Oh my gosh. It's like they are alien invaders, hell-bent on taking over my entire body! :) But you know what? I say whatever. Do your worst. I've got a son on the way, and ain't nothin' bringing me down. Not even trans-abdominal conscious surgery. I can do it. :)
And lastly, per the post title, it's cold. I have been waiting for these days to get here ever since I found out that I was pregnant. THIS is the time of year that has been designated for Miles' arrival, and what a blessing it is. For as long as I can remember, fall and winter have been our family's favorite. I always say that the other seven months of the year are just filler months, put in place simply to get us ready for the excitement that comes with these five. I feel so blessed to be having our first child during this time, having not even planned him. God POURS out His love on us in so many ways, and for me this is one. We couldn't have planned a better time to have a baby. (As I type this, though, I am struggling to keep all the SNOT in my nose that is no doubt a direct result of this "blessed" change in weather! Ha!)



a.nation said...

Like I said on look beautiful! And I always loving reading your blog when you post updates! You are going to do great in labor, and who knows...he may turn all on his own! :)

Jessica Polston said...

I'm so excited for you to be a mom too and to hear all of your stories of what Miles has done and all that fun stuff! I know you will be a wonderful mom and I love this picture of look great! He's almost here!! :)