Saturday, May 30

We've come so far

My second trimester is finally here. I can't begin to tell you how I have longed for this milestone! This risk of a miscarriage at this point is so small. What a relief to be here. :) Since the last time I wrote, I have heard the baby's heartbeat (something I do at home frequently these days) and our little one has begun making an appearance in my tummy. Well, at least all the organs that have been pushed up and out as a result of our little one have begun making an appearance. ;) All the same, my jeans won't button, my shirts are getting a good stretch, and my sister grins wide every time she sees me. My energy is returning, along with my appetite (or should I say my appetite and THEN some!) and I feel all around great. We have our stroller picked out and at home - a good blend of teals, browns and creams - colors we love if this baby is a boy or girl.
The baby is now a good 3 1/2 inches, from crown to rump, making it a little larger than a lemon. I can distinctly remember hopping in the car with some friends a few weeks back and happily stating that the baby was the size of a lentil bean, which was SO big. ;) Now look where we are. I love it. In just a few short (okay, unbearably long) weeks, we'll know what this kiddo is. Jut keeping my fingers and toes crossed that our baby is healthy!