Monday, September 14

It's up, and I'm out. Waaay out.

That's right! My website is a go! Well, several of the features I'm wanting (like oh, I don't know, being able to actually buy something from me) are still not there, but the basics are. And it looks awesome. I love it! Check it out -

In other news, I am 29 weeks pregnant. At least. I have gotten so big lately! I mean, my belly has always measured ahead of the game but NOW, wow. I'm just wondering if after that miscarriage we conceived earlier than the doctor's think, and this little guy is farther along. Or maybe, like my grandmother, my belly is just full of fluid! Either way, my cute belly can no longer be hidden. I like going out to WalMart or wherever - you know how you always make eye contact with strangers and smile politely when passing? Well immediately after eye contact I get belly-eye contact. :P Everyone checks out my tummy and knows I'm about to be a mommy. It's thrilling. Most of the women who see my tummy look back up at me with a little glow of their own on their face, as if they're reminiscing on their own days of pregnancy. It's very sweet, if only for a brief second. And again, if I stand next to anyone for any length of time, I will most likely get a kindly, "So when are you due?" - I love that one. I love being able to chat with another lady about my precious baby, about whom I know nothing. We'll talk about him for maybe just 30 seconds at most, I'll see that glow in their face again, and it warms my heart. Pregnancy, especially for any woman who's experienced it, is such a universal, unifying thing. It brings us all together in joy and love, and for the slightest moment, we are dear friends. I'm going to miss these moments. But I'm quite happy to trade them for newer, better ones. Like holding my baby. Like talking with people about him while they stare into his sweet eyes. Those will be good moments, too.
For a few days now I've been having pretty strong pains in my pelvis. It's normal, since my bones and ligaments are shifting and stretching to accommodate Miles' head when he's born, but man. It hurts. Have you ever, I don't know, popped your back or something even though you could tell it really didn't WANT to be popped, but did it anyway? And as soon as you relax and go back to sitting normal again how those bones just ache? That's similar to how this feels, but it's a constant, nagging pain. I actually have to limp around for a few seconds after standing up or getting out of bed. It's kinda pitiful. And if I cross my right leg over my left and lean forward... holy cow. I'd swear my bones were about to break. But other than that, things are going really well. Heck, even with that things are going really well. I'm still having contractions, and a good amount of them, but they always calm down and go away after awhile. I've always been one to handle change poorly (I like the predictable things in life; the constants) and I suppose that applies to the WHOLE me, not just my consciousness, because it seems like my body sure is complaining about the changes going on! ;)
I hope to get some belly pictures soon. I mean, good ones. So far all I've had are the iPhone-and-bathroom mirror shots. Not the best. :) Maybe I can talk Victor into getting some?
Well, I'm off. I've got lots and lots to be making! I'm hoping to get over to Hobby Lobby today and pick up some good ink pens and paper. I'm wanting to try my hand at line drawings.

Wednesday, September 9

Oh man, oh man...

I've started working on a site... for me! Having a blog is nice, and I enjoy getting on Facebook,but I need a space that I can make my very own. And maybe sell some stuff. I'm so excited. I bought the domain today, and have done nothing but work on the site design since I got up. Check it out:
Suh-weet, right?? I can't wait for Victor to get a little free time to help me get this up and running! Poor Vic, he's been so swamped with work. It's after midnight, and he's still out working... for the third night in a row. :( I guess that's the cost of juggling a regular job AND freelance jobs. He's a good sport about it, though!

I suppose I could throw in a little baby update while I'm on, right? We've made it to 28 weeks, and all is well. Still having contractions, but at my last doctor's visit he told me that these kind won't likely lead to labor. If they feel familiar (and they almost always come late at night) to just take it easy and rest. Basically, don't feel like I have to go in every time I have more than four in an hour. Granted, I still keep count and STILL plan on going in if they don't stop, but that was reassuring.
I don't really know how big Miles is this week. Every site I go to seems to have different numbers, but the general consensus is around 15-16". Crazy, huh?? He's getting so big. And so active. His flutters and kicks have turned into rolls and movements that look like he's crawling around in there. They are very distinct. And very cool! Development wise, he's just putting on more fat from here on out, and fine tuning all the things that are in place. My sweet baby boy. I can't wait to meet him!