Monday, October 5

32 weeks

When you know that you're baby is just a few weeks from being in your arms, it's easy to wish away this phase of immobility and discomfort (and sleeplessness and moodiness and hunger and swelling...). Being pregnant is still an amazing thing, but I'm getting so excited for the next step.
Miles has started getting more and more cramped in his quarters and is consequently moving around a lot less. I feel him many times during the day, but his movements are much more subtle. Poor little guy. I'll be heading into my next doctor's visit in about an hour and a half, and I'm eager to see what they can tell me about his position, about my swelling (I've had to take off my wedding band) and this sudden lower back pain. My guess, his position is bottoms up (just like normal) I'm swelling to an acceptable degree (just like normal) and that back pain? It's normal. :) But it's always good to hear your OB say it anyway. I am NOT, however, looking forward to getting weighed today. These past two weeks I've been eating like a crazy lady again. We've been eating out TONS (it's so much easier to have someone else cook...) and when we're home, I've been snacking on chips way more than I should. Totally haven't kept myself in check. I'm sure it's gonna show on the scales, I just hope it's not bad and they don't get mad at me.
In other news, we switched cell service last week, so my handy-dandy iPhone is out of commission, meaning those easy-to-snag belly pictures are a little more difficult to get. So I don't have any new pictures to put up. However, we are getting a Canon 7D next Sunday!!! So you can expect to see a whole slew of newer and better pictures very soon. We are both SO excited about this purchase we can hardly stand it.
This week's post is more of an obligatory one than anything. I want to write about where I am now, but I don't have anything profound or special to say, so I think that's about it! :) Just movin' along, passing the time, and trying to get to Miles' birthday as fast as I can!
Oh! One more thing - this Saturday is the Red Door Fall Fest downtown (here, not Nashville) and I'm signed up to be a vendor. So that's another thing I've got going this week to keep me occupied. I hope to get lots of fun pics and come back here next week with a flurry of fun memories! Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? Now it's off to the shower to get ready for this appointment. Maybe I'll get on here after while and put some pics up of things I'll be selling. Ciao!