Saturday, July 11

Same song, second verse...

...a little bit louder and a little bit worse! :P

Come on, you guys remember that song, right? Anyway, today marks the official midway point of this pregnancy. This week Miles measures a healthy 6.5 inches from crown to rump, and 10 inches from crown to heel. From this week on, the official measurements will be from head to toe, which is fun for me because he seems so much bigger now! :) He is also starting to make meconium, that infamous tar that will fill his first diaper once he's here.
I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday, where they measure all of his major organs and body parts. Everything looked great. Well, numbers wise everything looked great. Miles himself, poor guy, looks about as uncomfortable as can be. His little head is STILL resting on my cervix (he will soon outgrow that space and have to move up), but now that he's getting longer, he isn't able to just stretch straight out anymore. The result? A doubled-over baby whose head is tucked so tight down into his chest, and whose legs flop so far over the top of his body that at a glance he resembles a shrimp more than a baby. ;) Even the u/s tech couldn't believe that after 4 weeks (since my last ultrasound) he was still sitting (err... head-standing) that way! And because he was so tightly tucked down onto his own chest, they weren't able to get a good view of his heart or brain. So I'll be headed back in 4 weeks for yet another ultrasound. Can't say I mind though, because seeing baby Miles up on that screen is the highlight of my days, my weeks, and my months.
This past week Miles became even more active. Rather, this past week he grew and his acrobatics became even more noticeable. Victor got to feel him kick again, and we both got to watch my tummy twitch and jump a couple of times when Miles would get going. At this point, about any time he kicks I can see it from the outside and others can feel it. I'm just hoping little turkey straightens up! ;)
This summer has blown by, and to be honest, I'm really thankful. I know that there are families out there who are biding their time with their children before school starts back up, teachers who are taking a much needed break from the classroom, and people everywhere enjoying the fruits of the summer sun, but man. I am READY to meet this baby, and with each week that passes I get more and more excited. So fall, get here quick! Break out the Thanksgiving turkey! :D


The Magic Onions said...

So lovely to feel the excitement in your voice as you write... makes me remember my pregnancies and what a miracle it all is. You even made me a little broody! This is a good thing as we have to start thinking about no. 3 soon... ummm, perhaps I'm getting ready again!
Blessings and magic to you and your little melon.