Saturday, July 4

"I like Papayas, I know that Mangos are sweet"

And what a sweet Mango he is! :)

This past week Miles was a polite little boy and shared his kicks with Daddy and McKenzie. It was very cool to feel him kicking and have other people feel him kicking, too. If others were feeling him at 18 weeks WITH an anterior placenta, I can't imagine how strong his kicks would feel if it were attached to the back like normal! Wow! The most magical thing in my entire life has been feeling him play around in there. It's so SO out of this world. I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that there is a baby, a living, peeing, PERSON in my tummy, growing and readying himself for this big world. I'm almost halfway done, and I am SO ready to meet him. I can't wait to smell him, feed him, bathe him and kiss him. Victor said earlier tonight that he's eager to meet him as well. I think feeling Miles kick this week was a big step in the "realization process" for him. And I'm glad he's taken that next step.
This week Miles gets some fuzzies on his head, and if he's like his momma, they'll be there. I was a full blown mohawk child by birth. Some studies also show that he might be able to hear me by this week, which is wild to think about. I haven't talked to him much yet, largely because I feel like I'm talking to myself, but I bet once I know he can hear me that will change. He's also about six inches now from crown to rump. Six inches! I know that with each week I'm amazed at his new size, but six inches seems so big to me now. Just a few weeks ago I was stoked about him being the size of a blueberry, and now look where we are. :)
I've registered at, but have already discovered that I have single-handedly purchased enough sleepers to last him through his first 3, if not 6, months. Oops? As I'm typing, Miles is kicking away! This past week brought several changes in the "how much I feel him" arena. Before last week, I could only feel flops here and there if I laid down. Now sitting, standing or laying I can feel his little reminders. It's just awesome.
Happy 4th, everyone. I am extremely thankful to be an American. There are so many wonderful things about this place that I can't wait to share with Miles.


Rachel said...

...but nothing can beat the sweet love of Jesus!!

<3 reading your updates, Krista!