Saturday, June 13

We're having an avacado!

And his name is Miles!!!! Here's the story:

Last Thursday, June 11, was my first trip to the doctor. If you know me already, you know why I've had to wait so late - since Victor and I weren't at all planning this pregnancy and I work from home, I had no insurance. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started the whole 'enjoyable' process of acquiring it. It took awhile. So long, in fact, that I was in my second trimester before I was seen by a doctor. NOT the most comforting thing for an Anderson girl like myself, we tend to worry... but all is well. I did what I knew to do to take care of little one, and now it's all just a bad memory. :)
Back to the story.
My NP got a good listen at the baby's heartbeat and was wondering if there might be two in there. We heard two heartbeats in two different spots, and even in her expertise she was unable to say one way or the other. Oh boy. Or oh boys? I just laughed. Laughing in the face of the unexpected is one of the many bonuses you get when you marry into the Albright family. They have an amazing ability to cope with the unknown. I love them for it. The NP also guessed that I'm in the neighborhood of 15 weeks, so it looks like I'm no farther along than we thought. She told me, though, to have them schedule an ultrasound as soon as they can since we can't proceed with testing, bloodwork or due dates until we know how far along I am. THAT was great to hear! She said on a normal day they would likely be able to see me after my appointment, but one of the ultrasound techs was out. So I have to wait till Monday. Thinking there are two in there AND waiting till Monday to know for sure was going to kill me! But oh well, what can you do?
I called mom to tell her everything went well and that I was to have an ultrasound Monday. Oh no. Not on her life. She told me to call the 3D imaging center and schedule a visit with them that day, her treat. DUDE! That was the coolest thing EVER. Not only did I go to the doctor, I was going to actually SEE my baby, too! I was squealing. Just ask Victor. I guess the rest is self-explanatory; we went in, had the ultrasound, and in the first ten seconds little Miles proudly displayed his boy parts! And he was kicking up a storm. It was the most magical moment ever. I left relieved and excited - not only was there just one in there, it was a boy. Absolutely perfect.
And what's better is I go back on Monday to the doctor for THEIR ultrasound to see how far along he is, and on Wednesday I go back to the imaging center to finish my session! I'll be seeing lots of little Miles in the next few days.
The tech said he looks to be measuring around 5 inches, which is right on track. That was also good to hear. I got to see his heart beating, his legs kicking, his hands waving and his perfect little body moving around. I love him!


merelythemoon said...

Dear Krista, I would like to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy your blog. It's so lovely. I wanted you to know!

Krista said...

I'm so glad you like it!! It's been fun journaling my memories, and a few random things here and there. Do you by any chance knit?