Saturday, October 4

Fortissima Socka

 I did it! It's done. Well, at least three-quarters done. Marie helped me get through sock one, and I've managed all the steps on sock two! The hardest part has been turning the heels. With that behind me, it's smooth sailing down to the toe! I think they've turned out quite lovely. My goal for pair two is a girlie-er pair, maybe with some lacey work.
It's just been fun knitting something with shape. Oh! And working on two circulars? A breeze. There's less joining, more fun. DPN's are so overrated. :P


Cyndi said...

Wow! those are really coming along! I really need to buckle down and spend much more quality time with my knitting.

Rachel said...

Krista!! You and your blog and the fact that you told me about makes me so happy!! haha :) I am feeding this one to my links toolbar...yay!
Nice work on the knitting - so impressed ::sniff:: you've come so far! ::sniff:: and I will love reading about your adventures. Mad props on the background too - I love it! Did you make the Queen Anne's lace design?