Thursday, October 2

A Brave New World

There is so much to do! My camera has been out of service since late March (!) because the battery died. It's only about $30 to get a new one, but I'm not one to sit down and actually order the thing. I always tell myself there's so many other, better things to do. Looks like I have to get it now! After all, what's a blog without pictures?

This blog, assuming I pursue it like I hope to, will largely serve to document all the things I make. Let's see how it goes!



Sherry said...

Aha! A Wish List. How handy for a Mom who needs ideas for Christmas. :) I love you, baby daughter of mine who has turned into a wonderful young woman/wife. BTW, I've always LOVED that picture of you as a little girl!

TS Gentuso said...

My encouragement to get that battery--in fact, order an extra while you're at it! Can't wait to SEE your blog unfurl....