Wednesday, September 9

Oh man, oh man...

I've started working on a site... for me! Having a blog is nice, and I enjoy getting on Facebook,but I need a space that I can make my very own. And maybe sell some stuff. I'm so excited. I bought the domain today, and have done nothing but work on the site design since I got up. Check it out:
Suh-weet, right?? I can't wait for Victor to get a little free time to help me get this up and running! Poor Vic, he's been so swamped with work. It's after midnight, and he's still out working... for the third night in a row. :( I guess that's the cost of juggling a regular job AND freelance jobs. He's a good sport about it, though!

I suppose I could throw in a little baby update while I'm on, right? We've made it to 28 weeks, and all is well. Still having contractions, but at my last doctor's visit he told me that these kind won't likely lead to labor. If they feel familiar (and they almost always come late at night) to just take it easy and rest. Basically, don't feel like I have to go in every time I have more than four in an hour. Granted, I still keep count and STILL plan on going in if they don't stop, but that was reassuring.
I don't really know how big Miles is this week. Every site I go to seems to have different numbers, but the general consensus is around 15-16". Crazy, huh?? He's getting so big. And so active. His flutters and kicks have turned into rolls and movements that look like he's crawling around in there. They are very distinct. And very cool! Development wise, he's just putting on more fat from here on out, and fine tuning all the things that are in place. My sweet baby boy. I can't wait to meet him!