Thursday, February 19

Who are you and what have you done??

So yesterday I went into town to spend the day with my sister and Rae. It was an amazing day on all accounts. The weather was lovely, the kids were in great moods, I met baby Caleb (amazing), and there was chocolate - in abundance. The brownies were for me. :) Victor didn't have to work, so he had Daniel over and they did, I don't know, whatever guys do when they hang out. Played XBox, I'm sure.
It was a great ladies day. We talked about babies, pregnancy, marriage, life and all the good things that make us women smile with content. All while eating chocolate. Mmm...
Anyway, I stayed till just before dark then headed home. And here's where the day got even better - when I came home Victor told me I had an anonymous gift... "A what? What do you mean 'anonymous gift'?" "I mean someone brought you something, and I don't know who it is! Look on your desk." So I did. What happens next still has me wondering. Who would do this?? Behold:

My dream come true. I have been wanting to spin yarn since the day I heard about it. Just this week I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a small package of roving there - but it was rough and scratchy... even then I had a blast! I still can't believe this.
Who are you?? Why did you do this? And WHY won't you tell me who you are so I can wrap my arms around your neck and squeeze the life out of it?! I was jumping up and down, clapping my hands together and squealing like a child at Christmas. And I almost cried. Oh wait. I take that back. I did cry a little.
To be sure, I put my little head to work and started making lists of people who could and could not be the gift giver. I knew this much: it was a mutual friend or acquaintance of ours and Daniel's. Okay. That really shortens the list. Well, at least on a practical level. I mean, my parents wouldn't have gone to Daniel. He's had it since Christmas, and at that time the only people who knew that I wanted to spin yarn were immediate family and... *click* of course. Blog readers. "Well, great," I thought. That could be anybody. So it was at that point I decided to stop trying to figure out who sent this to me and just get on here and write about it. I figure if this is where it all began, they might get to read about it. After all, it makes for a great read. :)
So, my anonymous giver of roving and dyes and bright smiles, thank you. Thank you for the gift, but more importantly, thank you for letting me see a little more about how selfless love works, and how Jesus wants us to love Him: extravagantly and off the record. I mean, who doesn't just love knowing someone did something for them without telling the whole world about it in order to get a big pat on the back? I do! And I'm pretty sure Jesus does, too. :)


Shana said...

Wow, I wish I knew that same anonymous giver. :D That would be a fantabulous surprise!

Krista said...

Oh my goodness - it was one of the biggest surprises of my life! It was *very* cool.