Friday, February 27

A possible next purchase

Sometime around Thanksgiving I discovered Blythe dolls. At first I just thought they were cute. Then I developed an affinity for them. Then I started to think about what it would be like to have one. Now I want one. :) But at $135 per doll, they're hardly something you pick up after work. At least in this household. ;) So I'm starting to figure out the logistics of getting one and whatnot... but anyway, I actually think I'm going to get one. Why on earth a married woman wants a doll for herself is beyond me, and I'm quite sure beyond any person reading this. Especially Mom. Mom, if you're reading this, no; this is not a result of a deprived childhood and no; I'm not losing my mind. :) It just sounds like a lot of fun.
Now when it comes to actually choosing a doll... gracious. That's the hard part. There are SO many! But I think I may have found one... we'll see what Victor says about this whole thing. :)