Friday, November 21

Good grief.

Say it just like Linus from Charlie Brown. "Goooood grief." Where is my time going? I don't even leave home most days and STILL it's slipping through my hands! Agh! The Christmas Season MUST be fast approaching. This is the only explanation. And I still have a trip to Japan to plan and pack for! It is a good thing indeed to have a husband. I just hope that before the year is over I'll have made it to my knitting class!
On a lighter note, I found my little Kodak digital camera hiding in one of my cleaning baskets (??) so now I'll have a handy camera to take with me around Tokyo when that five-pounder camera just won't do. :)
Well, it's time for lunch and back to work! I will say this though, it's lovely having iTunes. I've got my 21.7 hours of Christmas music playing all day in the background. It's awesome.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming in January. :)