Sunday, November 2


I'm on some sort of natural high right now. I know it. I keep squealing and giggling and clapping my hands... or maybe I'm just a really silly woman. But there's a great reason: I just completed my first two purchases on Etsy! That's right! Less than 24 hours on the market and two have sold! This is too awesome. I opened my mail tonight after Victor and I got home from an (amazing) afternoon at Mom and Dad's to find two emails confirming orders from Etsy. I squealed. THEN I got two more from Paypal saying, essentially, "Congratulations. We've just dumped money into your account." Sure, it's only $22, six of which will go to shipping tomorrow, but it's a start! And an encouraging one at that! Nothing's bringin' me down tonight! I'm all smiles. I want to do something special for my first buyer. I mean, it takes a little bravery to buy from a seller who has 1) no feedback and 2) no selling history. I'm so thankful for her! Maybe an extra set of markers? I don't know. I'll think of it. Right now, though, I've got to come up with a clever way to ship these. After all, it's not every day people get a package in the mail. It should be special.

Well, good night! I've got so much to do!


Shana said...

That sale confirmation email is a heady, intoxicating thing, isn't it? :D
Congrats on your quick sales!!!!
And Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! That just totally made my day. You are so sweet. :D

Cyndi said...

Congrats! That sure didn't take long!

Rachel said...

haha - congratulations!! so cute :)

Sherry said...

My resourceful, creative, beautiful daughter!! Way to go!!!!