Monday, October 20

A Wishlist

This is the best way I know of to keep track of all the wonderful things I see online that I would like to someday own. Blogger has a wishlist section, but users can only add items that are sold online with a direct link. While that's great, I can't add obscure items like "Heather grey sock yarn" and such. So here I go (in no particular order)! Hope you're reading, Mom! :)

  • A pair of wooden sock blockers (like these) with my initials burned in by the lovely Miss Sisk. :)
  • A pair of fun knitting needles. The ones I have now work, but they're not special. :) Hobby Lobby sells some really lovely dark wooden needles, like these which are Surina wooden needles. Any size is fine!
  • The book "Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn" (check out Amazon)
  • Roving! A must for any spinner. I know, I know, I'm not a spinner yet, but that's where you come in. :) Romney, Corriedale, Coopworth and Shetland are all good types of roving for new spinners (Like the Romney roving found on this page). Anything from 1-10 ounces would be great! As for color, a white or cream so I can dye it. 
  • Wilton Cake Icing - for dying my homespun yarns! Any and all colors are welcome. :)
  • A mannequin head - to model my hats. Oh, and maybe it can be attached to a bust to model scarves and sweaters? Who knows. Maybe a shop somewhere is going out of business. :)
  • A wooden yarn winder
  • "The Gentle Art of Domesticity" by Jane Brocket - it's amazing.


Shana said...

Along with your thriftiness in creating knitting needles, I've found that for displaying hats in a pinch without a mannequin head, you can use a large white balloon. Not the same, but it works in a pinch. :)