Monday, October 13


You know, it didn't even cross my mind to write a brief post before heading out for the week. My family (Victor, mom, dad, Dickie, Donna, Matt, Katie and the boys - plus dogs) all headed down to Gatlinburg for a much-needed family vacation. We went last year and had such a blast that there was little discussion about wether or not we'd come back. We did, and it was just as grand. Vic and I were able to snatch some real winners (pictures, that is) that I hope to post soon. I think one of the best parts was just having our dogs with us. There were actually two beds in our room, so the puppies got their very own. :) I think they really enjoyed sleeping close to each other. Once Audrey is big enough not to fall through the railing in the loft, we'll let her sleep out of her crate with Ava. They really are something. Anyway, long story short, the trip was great. Oh, and I started work on my first glove. I'm frogging it, simply because I learned several things as I went along that I'd like to do over. Pictures of that to come soon, as well. :)

P.S. Grandmommy, the breakfast casserole this morning (was it just this morning that we had breakfast at our cabin in Gatlinburg??) was a hit! It was delicious. :)